Open Position at Operation TBI Freedom – Military Support Specialist

Below please find the 4-page job description for our current job opening, an OTF Military Support Specialist II.  Tony has officially and permanently moved back to California, so we are needing to fill his position.  As most of you know, my OTF Staff are all 20+ year Veterans, with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  The most important quality they have is that they are compassionate and truly care about our Service Members and Veterans and their families!!

The minimum educational requirement for the position is a Bachelor’s degree.  Please feel free to share this email with everyone!  I have this job description available in .pdf format.  However, when we send out .pdf attachments, our Craig server automatically encrypts the data.  Many of you can’t open our encrypted messages.  Therefore, I’ve cut/paste the JD information below.

Please ensure that you convey to all who are interested to follow the instruction below. They should NOT contact me or send me their application/resume, as this could disqualify them. They must go through our website, and ultimately through our HR Department.

Below, please find directions on how to apply:

1.      Visit Craig Hospital website:
2.      On the top menu bar, click once on “Careers”.
3.      In the middle of this page, click once on “View All Current Position Openings”.
4.      In the middle of this page, you will see “Search Current Openings”.  Click in the box with the magnifying glass and type in “OTF Military Support Specialist II”.  It will take you to a list of job openings.
5.      The first option will be the position for the OTF MSS opening.
6.      Click once on apply.  It will ask you if you are a current employee.  Click on “No”.
7.      You will then be asked to Sign In.  Simply select “Create Account”.
8.      Create an account and then continue with the application process.
9.      In order to complete the on-line application, the applicant will need to upload a current resume.
10.     Complete and save/submit.