Comprehensive Training

POC is:
Robert M. Marchi, COL(R)
Senior Manager – Recruiting

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Building on a Military Foundation

Vector looks to build upon the outstanding foundation veterans gain from their military experience by providing customized training aimed at helping them make a successful transition to their new career. We work with our employer clients to customize training programs that will provide the right amount of instruction in order to minimize time in the classroom while maximizing productivity day one on the job. This provides an attractive alternative to our prospective ex-military candidates that otherwise face a wide array of technical schools with no guaranteed job opportunity attached

Military Veterans provide an up-front advantage to prospective employers – by definition they have already undergone a rigorous screening and initial training process. Six to nine weeks of intense basic training tests these individuals on their overall mental and physical strength as well as their ability to perform tasks under pressure while working in a team environment. From there, all service members undergo 3 to 12+ months of specialty training where they must demonstrate a strong ability to learn and apply their understanding before moving into the operational workforce.