New Ride Sharing Program

G.I. Vehicle Exchange

Your Car = EXPENSE

While your car is in storage, you still have to pay for it. Even if your car is paid off, it’s still depreciating, which means you’re losing money.

Storage Costs

On top of the expenses for your car, you’ll have monthly storage fees as well if you choose to have your car stored at a facility.

Lengthy Process

Storing your car for an extended period isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. The setup process is extremely exhaustive and takes a tremendous amount of work.

Your Car = INCOME

Make a dent in your monthly car payments – on average, our car owners can cover their payments by sharing their car 9 days a month. Make $500 or more each month!

Ready for You

When you or your family are in town, we’ll have your car cleaned and ready whenever it’s needed.

Regular Maintenance

Your car will receive regular inspections and maintenance to ensure it’s in good working order.

Simple Process

Our sign up process is quick and easy. To get started, let us know what you have and we’ll give you a call.