Technology Stalking Presentation June 2018

Tim Johnson’sPresentation:

Rise of Technology Stalking: In the 21stCentury

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Tech Stalking Updated announcement June 2018

Enter the mind of a cyber-stalker and understand what tools they use to terrorize their victim.  Learn about cutting edge law enforcement methodsto combat these stalkers.  Engage with victims to help protect them on-line and in real life.  Tim Johnson is a career prosecutor who specializes in the prosecution of inter-personal violence crimes including stalking and cyberstalking. This training is for all audiences and provides tools and advice anyone can use.

Peterson AFB           June 27, 2018

0800 – 1130 & 1300 – 1630

Base Auditorium, Bldg. 1440

355 Vincent St. Colorado Springs, C0 80916

Schriever AFB          June 28, 2018

1300 – 1630

FTAC classroom, Bldg. 210, Room 310

210 Falcon Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80912