Military Families Learning Network webinars

July webinars (18 July MFLN webinars)
*       July webinars:

*       July 10 – Family Finances Series: Separation & Single Parenting in the Military
*       July 17 – Military Consumer Protection
*       July 18 – Opportunities & Possibilities: Postraumatic Growth in Research and Practice (Part 1)

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Post Traumatic Growth
*       The July 18 webinar on Post Traumatic Growth may be of special interest as Dr.  Tedeschi will discuss the theoretical model and research basis of posttraumatic growth, the process by which trauma survivors often find valuable changes in how they live life in the aftermath of trauma.

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MFLN 2018 Virtual Conference on Cultural Competency (Save the Date-2018 VC )

*       Save the dates of September 18-20 to participate in this virtual conference on cultural competence

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