Marcus Institute for Brain Health on the CU Anschutz Campus

The Marcus Institute for Brain Health provides exceptional care for military Veterans and others whose lives have been impacted by traumatic brain injury and psychological health.

This program consists of a one week diagnostic assessment for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and the co-morbid psychological health issue that accompany a TBI in Veterans 83% of the time. If the Veterans are considered viable candidates for the follow on they would be brought back for 3 week of an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).


At MIBH, our complete focus is to help you get better. People struggling with mild to moderate TBIs (including concussion) see changes in emotions, physical functioning, and thinking. These symptoms impact how we see ourselves as well as relationships with family and friends. At MIBH, we believe in wellness for you, and we believe that with the right tools we can help you make this your reality.


Physical Therapy | Cognitive (Speech-Language) Therapy | Counseling | Sleep Interventions | Vision Therapy | Art Therapy | Canine and Equine Therapy | Acupuncture | Acupressure | Mindfulness | Massage | Yoga