PPSP Teen Board

Open to all parents with base access (Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Civilian, Retirees)

POC: Ms. Michel Cremeans, (719) 556-2835

WHEN:  Thursday, 11 Oct 18, 6pm-7:30 pm

WHERE:  Tierra Vista Community Center, Peterson AFB

WHY: Do you wonder what is going on in your teenager’s mind?  Do you ever
question if what you are doing is wrong and ask yourself what you can do to
have a better relationship with your child?  Are you afraid to ask your
teenager about hard issues such as suicide, relationships, and social media?

WHAT: The Teen Board will present the results of the Teen Think Tank study
conducted by Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention, share personal stories, and
create a dialog for adults to ask them about anything in order to better
understand their own teen.

TOPICS: Emotional support, mental health, loss, self-injury, bullying,
stress and expectations, verbal and emotional abuse, suicide, drugs and
alcohol, social media, generational differences

Violence Prevention
Peterson AFB
Phone: 719.556.2835
Email: michel.cremeans.1@us.af.mil