Veteran Talent Exchange

Welcome to the Veteran Talent Exchange Program. Through a unique partnership, this exchange connects you with multiple employers who are all committed to veteran hiring, so that you can find the next mission that is right for you.

It’s free for veterans to join the exchange

As a member, you’ll receive our exclusive newsletter of employment advice and job postings.
All corporate members of the exchange will be able to see your skills and qualifications – increasing the probability that you’ll find the right job for you. —  Click Here to Join.

In addition, our VTE ( Veteran Talent Exchange Platform) has these veteran programs:

  • Veteran Mentorship program
  • Transition assistance through link to follow our Veterans Corner blog (written by veterans and spouses employed by Peoplescout)
  • Skills translator
  • Resume builder

This is FREE for veterans and spouses as well as for Guard/Reserve troops.

Also, this would do well for Active duty folks to engage in long before they separate/retire.

Point of Contact: 

Carl Vickers

Military Relations Manager

Air Force Veteran

765-960-8580 (mobile)