Volunteer Veteran Mentor Orientation

Do you want to be a Volunteer Veteran Mentor for Veterans Trauma Court?

There are only two Volunteer Veteran Mentor Orientation opportunities remaining in August!!!
What:  Volunteer Veteran Mentor Orientation (for El Paso County’s Veterans Trauma Court)
When: 30 AUG, 0900-1000 (Snacks Provided!)
Where:  OTF Offices, 24 S. Weber Street, Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80903az
No need to RSVP, just show up for any of our Orientations!!

Former Volunteers:  Currently, we only have 1 Volunteer Veteran Mentor (John Hill) that is approved to work with this program.  There are no other approved volunteers at this time, but we do have several whose applications are in process.  So, to volunteer with this program (or if you desire to continue to volunteer with this program), you MUST complete an Orientation prior to being able to begin volunteering.  During the Orientation, you will receive detailed information about the new volunteer program.  At the conclusion of the Orientation, you can complete an application to be a Volunteer Veteran Mentor.  Please note that attendance at any of our Orientations does not guarantee you will become a Volunteer Mentor.

(Again … REMINDER:  If you have been a Volunteer with the program in the past, you must attend an Orientation to continue to volunteer with the program.  We want to encourage all former Volunteers to come to this first Orientation, so we can continue the great work that has already been done over the last years!)

Because attending an Orientation prior to being able to volunteer with the program is a requirement, we have also set additional dates/times for future Orientations and will run an Orientation schedule throughout the year.  All Orientations through August/September will be held at OTF Offices located at:  24 S. Weber Street, Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.

For more information, please contact Susan or James!

Susan Holmes

Program Manager, Operation TBI Freedom

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