Wish of a Lifetime

Wish of a Lifetime reached out asking for recommendations on older Veterans to take part in one of their trips to Washington D.C.- all expenses paid.

Below are the criteria they are looking for:

-This trip would take place sometime in late April, early May. This is a 4 day trip. Flights, hotels, food etc is all covered by our organization. Each veteran is allowed to pick one person to accompany them on the trip.

-We are looking for 15 veterans age 65+ who have never been to D.C before who would be interested in seeing the memorials and learning more about the country they have so selflessly served.

– Our organization tends to work with low income and isolated seniors but any veterans over 65 are encouraged to apply.

If you have anyone who is interested please send Rob Bingham their name and phone number and he will reach out to them.
Rob Bingham-Executive Director, Colorado Veterans Project
rob@coloradoveteransproject.org or 720.425.2978

Once he has the names he will send them to the organization to reach out and do what they call a “vetting” where they interview the senior to learn more about them and their service. This may be done in person or over the phone. Once they have enough information they write a report, send it to a third party committee and then they make the final decision if the senior will be accepted on the trip or not.