Give an Hour Mental Health Event

Join Give an Hour for a virtual, global mental health event called A Week to Change Direction. A Week to Change Direction is a virtual event where we are asking you to flood social media by sharing how you are taking care of your emotional well-being by creating and maintaining Healthy Habits.  Share what you are doing for yourself and for your loved ones, coworkers, neighbors and communities to protect and encourage everyone’s emotional wellness during this terrible worldwide pandemic.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this will be a virtual event, and you can participate from the safety of your own Caution-home.  It will take place during one week of Mental Health Awareness Month, May 18th-24th.

Who: Everyone who cares about mental health and wellness!
What: A VIRTUAL and GLOBALLY coordinated event called A Week to Change Direction
When: May 18-24
Where: Your home and your backyard
Why: To change the culture of mental health by encouraging everyone to stay emotionally healthy and to share the Healthy Habits of Emotional Well-being widely, especially during this time when all of us are struggling with the Coronavirus pandemic
How:  Share what you plan to do for A Week to Change Direction here  and post on social media during May 18-24 with #ChangeDirection

It’s simple to participate in this global event.

1. Come up with an activity that you would like to do.
2. Share what you plan to do for A Week to Change Direction here.

3. From May 18-24th, post on social media how you’re staying mentally healthy with #ChangeDirection.

Here are some ideas of what you can do:

*       Post a ‘Healthy Habit’ photo or video on social media anytime from May 9-17 and use the hashtag #ChangeDirection.
*       Sing, dance, post photos or share your own specific tips for maintaining your emotional balance during this time.
*       Create a neighborhood activity that can be done via social distancing, ie. a scavenger or stuffed animal hunt, write encouraging words in chalk on sidewalks or roads.

We are all living through a time when positive and uplifting messages of emotional health and wellness will encourage many who are in pain.