AER Bulletin 07-2020, Home Schooling Assistance Program

Below you will find the AER Bulletin 07-2020, which provides guidance to assist eligible Soldiers with dependents in grades K thru 12th for home schooling costs for specific supplies and equipment up to $500 per family.  Eligibility period for this special category of assistance will be retroactive back to 1 March 2020 and will remain in effect until rescinded by HQ AER.  Assistance will be provided as a loan, grant or combination of both (GROAN) to minimize any additional financial hardship on Soldiers and Families.

Home Schooling Equipment and Supplies List _ 05272020 HQ AER Assistance Bulletin 07-2020 _ Home Schooling Assistance Program_AER Officer Guidance_05272020 ced_tl_te_cem FINAL

If you require additional guidance or have specific questions as it relates to
the attached AER Bulletin please contact HQ AER  at 1-866-878-6378.  For
“After Hours” assistance please contact an HQ AER caseworker through the Army
Operations Center at 703-697-0218.