Give an Hour May Updates

During this challenging time Give an Hour continues to serve our military and their loved ones. Our team has created the following to ensure the best experience possible. Below are a few updates from Give an Hour as well as an exclusive offer from the Washington National Cathedral. Please reach out if there is any way our team can support you doing this time. We are available to do presentations, answer questions, and address any concerns you may have.

Finding Support on Give an Hour’s Website:
a.      The provider search has moved to a new web location:Caution- < Caution- > . Remember to bookmark this new link and share with anyone who may benefit from our services.
b.      Tips for searching for a provider during COVID-19: Life has changed for all of us, including our providers. See attached for tips for finding a provider during these times. Many of our providers are offering telehealth and phone services to comply with the CDC recommendations while serving clients.
c.      Social Media Toolkit (attached), please help us to share our messages of support on social media or in distro emails you use to share information with your members and their loved ones.

Exclusive Opportunity:

Military Prayers and Blessings “at” Washington National Cathedral – Sunday, May 17, 12:30-1:45pm online : This special opportunity is made available to Blue Star Families and Give an Hour in thanksgiving for the partnership of these organizations in serving our veterans and active duty military and their families.  Military chaplains will offer one-on-one prayers and blessings to members of the military community online via Zoom. See below for details and email  with your name and connection to the military to register. An official registration link will be provided to participants the week prior to the event. No computer or Zoom experience necessary; those requesting prayers may participate by either phone or computer.

·        Military chaplains will be available online via Zoom for one-on-one prayers with veterans, active duty military, their families, and those who love and care for them. This ministry is typically offered monthly in War Memorial Chapel and has been adapted during this time of social distancing.
·        Participants will register via email and receive details from Zoom to participate either by computer or phone.
·        At 12:30, participants will join an online orientation in the “church” (Zoom meeting room) and meet the chaplains available for prayers. Chaplains will then disperse to individual “chapels” (breakout rooms) electronically.
·        Cathedral hosts will “send” participants to a “chapel” for a one-on-one conversation, after which the participant will leave and another participant will be “sent” to the chapel for one-on-one conversation.
·        Prayers will continue until all participants have had the opportunity to meet with a chaplain.

Public Event: The public event, 11:15am service, is on the Washington National Cathedral Website will be live on Facebook by the end of the day.

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Give an Hour May 2020 Updates