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Re-Creation group members arrive at each Veterans Home or Hospital about 4 hours before show time to set-up equipment, change into costume and visit throughout the hospital to the patients’ individual rooms and wards.  They take the time to visit personally and intimately with patients, expressing a nation’s gratitude for the veterans’ sacrifices.  The visits are lively and enthusiastic. Each veteran is greeted with respect, admiration and sincerity.

The veterans are then escorted to the performance area…and what a show!  Songs from every era presented in a pageantry of lavish, original costuming, original and unique vocal arrangements, dynamic, stylized choreography and a true, genuine spirit of gratitude!

The show is carefully designed with regard to the diversity of the veteran population.

And audience participation is an absolute must!  The cast members circulate among our heroes, shaking hands, touching shoulders, engaging the veterans with sincerity and honor!

Re-Creation leaves copies of the CD’s and DVD’s with every Veterans Home and Hospital visit so the patients may watch or listen to the show again and again!  These materials are used to lift morale and even in physical rehab sessions!

Re-Creation always ends the program with heartfelt words of thanks for the veterans. This is probably one of the most impacting times in the program. The group’s goal is to remind these very special men and women that they are not alone, and that there are people in this country who are aware and appreciative for what our veterans have done for America.

After the closing patriotic finale, the group members spend more time visiting, creating a sense of family.  They then take everyone back to his or her room, pack-up equipment and drive on…averaging about 300 to 400  miles a day

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