Operation Equine’s upcoming 2021 Winter/Spring events

  1. Equine Experiential Military Cultural Competency Training:(flyer attached)

This training is geared towards healthcare professionals and anyone working or volunteering for military/veteran-serving organizations who want to better understand military, veteran, and military/veteran family culture. The benefits of attending this training series: You will improve your knowledge and your confidence in working with the servicemen and women and their family members who have had unique experiences in life from a more informed and empathetic place, which aids in effective communication and better outcomes for your clients and program participants.

Because of the 2 days of activities with the horses, you will also gain experience in the world of Equine-assisted therapy and learning: an ever-growing evidence-based therapeutic modality, especially in the SMVF (Service Member & Veteran Family) community.

2021 MCC Flyer_Spring

  1. The 4-Part Veteran Family Series: This is not training, rather, it’s a low-cost opportunity for a 3-hour Equine Assisted Learning experience in a group setting for Veterans and their family members. Each aspect of the Military/Veteran family gets his/her own day: Veterans, the Spouse/Partner, the Couple, the kids.  Flyers attached.

4 Part Vets Kids Group 2021

4part Vet Series_Couples Group 2021

4Part Vet_Spouse Group 2021 2021_

4PartVeterans Group 2.0