With a 75-year track record, Pike Corporation is a leading provider of turnkey infrastructure solutions for electric and gas utilities, as well as telecommunications companies. On the electric side, Pike specializes in the engineering, construction, maintenance and upgrade of transmission, distribution and substation infrastructure. Our expertise ranges from traditional and renewable grid assets and storage, to longer-range smart city planning and implementation. Pike is also a leader in emergency storm restoration. Pike provides similar turnkey engineering and construction solutions for telecommunications clients, supporting the full range of wireline and wireless infrastructure projects, as well as for gas utility clients.

To apply:
1) Visit www.pike.com/careers/
2) Select the business unit that most interests you.
3) Search jobs by state of interest by typing in the State name (If you search by city the system will return results for that city, not other nearby towns).
4) Identify the position(s) you are best matched for and select apply
5) Log in and complete application.
6) If this is your first application you will create a profile first, then you will log-in and complete an application.
7) Finally email or text me so I can review your application and write up a candidate summary for the hiring manager.