Veterans Commissions

We know of two veterans’ commissions (which have slightly different names) in the state that provide advice and recommendations to elected officials regarding veteran-related issues.

Adams County’s Veterans Advisory Commission consists of nine voting members who reside in Adams County. At least six of the members are veterans residing in Adams County. The additional members are either Active Duty military personnel, in the National Guard, the Air National Guard or Reserve members serving in Colorado or immediate family members of those who served or are serving currently. Members of the Commission serve a four-year term. The Commission’s charter calls for the Commission to:


  1. …Help assess challenges veterans are facing in Adams County, to open the dialogue, propose solutions, or partnerships for Veterans within Adams County.
  2. Work cooperatively with other county boards, councils, and staff with regard to policies, programs, and concerns relating to veterans’ interest and facilitate new working relationships with all other agencies serving veterans within the County.
  3. Be an advisory Commission to the Board of County Commissioners about veteran issues within Adams County.


The Commission currently meets every other month (February, April, June, August, October and December) on the first Thursday of the month at 4pm. During the pandemic these meetings are held via zoom.


Currently the Commission has no vacancies, but if you are interested in working as a volunteer with the Commission, please reach them at


You can find more information at


Likewise, the City of Aurora has a Veterans Affairs Commission which is composed of 11 primary members plus one alternate, all of whom are veterans, active duty or drilling Guardsmen or Reservists each of whom serve a three-year term. The Commission’s charter is focused on four areas:


  1. Advise the (city) council as to the concerns of veterans relating to transportation, housing, employment and other areas affecting veterans in the city.
  2. …make recommendations to the council of solutions to these issues and concerns.
  3. …serve as a source of information regarding sources and services available to veterans.
  4. …exercise such other powers and duties as may be assigned to it by the city council


The Commission meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month at 6:00PM via Zoom. You can obtain information about meetings at


Currently, the Commission has two vacancies and is looking for volunteers. You can apply for a seat on the Commission at this web site:


You can learn more about the Commission at