Patriot Day “Save the Date”

Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center will be hosting our 7th Annual Patriot Day Give Back event on September 2, 2022 where we’ll again be joining with our Partners in providing free food and personal necessities to our community.

Please “save the date” to join us as a Distinguished Guest for the Opening Ceremony commencing at 8 am at Mt. Carmel Veteran Service Center’s upper parking lot on the corner of Moreno Ave and Communication Circle in Colorado Springs.  The food distribution will immediately follow at 9 am across the street.

We’ll be sending out a full line up of the activities next month along with the formal invitation, but if you have questions please contact Paul Price at

We look forward to your attendance at our Patriot Day Opening Ceremony and the subsequent event and to your engagement in our exciting work on behalf of Military members and their families.

PatriotDay 2022 SponsorFlyer
PatriotDay 2022