Free Red Cross workshops offer effective ways to work through challenges, improve wellbeing and build skills through small-group discussion and hands-on activities. Workshops help improve connections at home, at work and within communities. We invite active-duty service members, members of the Reserves and National Guard, veterans, and military families to participate.

International Humanitarian Law – “Even War Has Rules”  – March 2 from 12-1pm via Zoom

This is a dynamic discussion of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and how it governs armed conflict. It will address topics such as: The sources of law and rules that apply to armed conflicts; The fundamental principles of IHL that guide the development of these rules; How IHL protects people and places during armed conflicts.

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Creating Calmness – March 11 from 12-1pm via Zoom

This module is designed to help service members, veterans and military families learn the benefits of healthy stress, recognize when stress is unhealthy and know what steps to take to effectively manage stress over the long term. Registration Link: