Do you know someone who needs a scholarship for school beginning Fall 2021?

The season has opened for Minuteman Scholarship nominations and the nomination deadline is 1 December 2020.  If you know someone who is interested in College and would be a good candidate for serving in COARNG, please contact COARNG recruiting battalion for details.

Scholarship packets can take weeks to process. Nominations should be submitted NLT two weeks prior to the deadline giving the USACC Program personnel sufficient time to complete the nomination process.

Scholarship packets that are not completed and submitted by the 01DEC2020 deadline will not be considered. Scholarships are currently scheduled for a 2021 fall start.

Applicants will not be accepted if they are already enrolled in an ROTC Program. If they are already in the program they should compete for campus based GRFD at the program level.

MinuteMan Scholarship Brief